Returning to the blogosphere…

Austin Justice was MIA for a while because my old hosting account provider closed up shop and it took me a while to look for a replacement. Getting the new blog nicely set up and restoring the old content is sure to be a slow work in progress┬ábut it’s still nice to have a place of my own in the blogosphere again.

Catching up…

This is to let you know that I’m playing catch-up and browsing through my virtual newspaper clippings from the last few months, so you may see some older news items among my blog entries, like my last post. I’m discarding the stale stuff but some of it remains interesting or pertinent to my practice despite its age, e.g., entries for the Police Notebook.

Long time no see.

You may have noticed that this blog has suffered from inattention during a long hiatus on the part of yours truly. My absence was caused first by a massive appellate brief, followed immediately by the happy news but typical and unfortunate side effects of expecting my second child. If things go according to plan (knock on wood), I’ll be back on track within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I created a page for The Pace Law Firm, P.C., on Facebook and have started using it for small updates like no-refusal-weekend announcements, links to news articles of interest, and brief posts about political candidates in the Austin Criminal Justice System (go Charlie Baird!). I expect to continue posting brief updates there but use this forum for more in-depth writing, such as my first (and most popular) post regarding the Lying Cop.