Seven Bullshit Police Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

Came across this amusing but mostly true rundown of seven bullshit police myths. The myths it debunks are the following:

Myth #7. Forensic Science is Magic
Myth #6. The Insanity Defense Lets You Get Away With Murder
Myth #5. Not Talking To Cops Equals Obstruction of Justice
Myth #4. Undercover Cops Have To Identify Themselves If Asked
Myth #3. Tracing a Call Takes a Long Time

Myth #2. Criminals Must Be Read Their Miranda Rights or They Will Go Free

Myth #1. Everyone Gets One Free Phone Call

Follow this link for an entertaining and informative explanation for why these are strictly myths (note that it contains a paranoid big-brother-is-listening-through-our-cell-phone theory that I’m not sold but otherwise seems accurate and is definitely worth a read.)

1/26/10 Editing Note: Added a line to (hopefully) clarify that the list alone isn’t what’s worth reading; you really need to follow the link.