Police Notebook: Roddy Adcock (RRPD).

Officer:  Roddy Adcock.
Agency:  Round Rock Police Department.
Alleged Misconduct:  Threatened to kill his wife and destroyed some of her belongings. She obtained a protective order against him and he was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.
Disciplinary Action:  Relieved of his duty with pay while an investigation is pending; may face additional charges.
Source:  This Statesman article..

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  1. Wednesday, August 1 2012, 01:28 AM CDT
    (there’s nice video to go with this)
    Wife Of Round Rock Policeman Alleges Dept. Put Her In Danger

    A Round Rock Police officer is dishonorably discharged, and there are allegations the police department put his now ex-wife in danger.

    Video taken by surveillance cameras outside Melissa Adcock’s Round Rock home shows her estranged husband, then-police officer Roddy Adcock, punching her car in anger.

    When she called 911, she tells KEYE TV she had no idea what was going to happen next.

    “911 – this is Ros.”

    The telecommunications operator “Ros,” is Roslyn Null, who later admitted in a sworn statement that she was having an affair with Adcock. Melissa Adcock had unknowingly called her husband’s lover to report him to police.

    Null put her on hold – and a supervisor then took over. But according to the internal affairs report obtained by KEYE TV, Null immediately grabbed her personal cell phone and texted Adcock, warning him that Round Rock police officers – his colleagues – were en route.

    “It’s bad behavior on both their parts,” said Chief Tim Ryle of the Round Rock Police Department. “We took a very swift action, and neither one of them works for Round Rock police station anymore.

    But earlier that week, Melissa had secretly recorded a conversation with Adcock, in which he threatened to kill her.

    “As soon as we found out about this particular incident, we took his badge and gun and sent him home,” said Ryle.

    But sending him home, contends Mrs. Adcock – put her life in danger:

    “I feel the Round Rock Police failed to adequately protect me after I had turned over audio of my (ex) husband threatening to kill me, and threatening that if I went to the police for help and he lost his job, he wouldn’t have to worry about getting fired but only about them having to prove he’s the one that did it. That threat was significant enough to have his gun and badge taken from him and for him to be put on leave. Due to their inaction and negligence, he was allowed to return home without escort and with no forewarning so that I could get to a safe location. I had to call 911 because of his mental state upon returning home while he was searching my nightstand for guns. I am now in continuous fear for me and my son’s safety.”

    “This is not a signal of what the force looks like at all,” said Ryle.

    Adcock was eventually arrested for criminal mischief. Ms. Adcock still has a protective order against him, and there are other misdemeanor charges against him for violating that, too.

    Even though Adcock was dishonorably discharged from the Round Rock Police Department, he’s still a licensed peace officer in Texas.

    He is scheduled to appear in court on the two misdemeanor charges on Thursday. Roslyn Null is working as a telecommunications officer for the City of Clute Police Department.

    By Lisa Leigh Kelly.

  2. Round Rock Police Chief Tim Ryle, internal Affairs Lt. Grant Golden and Sgt Jack Johnson were absolutely wrong for sending me home after suspending me for allegedlly threatening to kill my (then) wife.

    I was obviously upset and on the verge of tears when it happened. I was angry and they sent me home without a police escort to the very person they belived I had threatened to kill.

    Granted I have never put a hand on Melissa, even when she slapped me in the face, but if they believed I was capable enough that they suspended me they had a responsibility to keep her safe. They failed!

    Now there is a lot more to this story and I have not been once contacted by anyone in the media to get my side, but that is neither here nor there. I acted childishly and let my temper get the best of me. I also believe that if I had some sort of escort from the Round Rock Police Department I would not have punched my truck.

    I have never defended myself by saying I didn’t do it. I did make a nasty comment to her that was out of line. Although not deemed a threat by the county attorney I should not have said it. And punching a small dent in a vehicle that was only registered to me was stupid.

    I do regret my actions and hope that Tim Ryle, Lt Golden and any other supervisor use better judgement where the safety of the citizens of Round Rock are concerned.

    Again, I do regret my immature actions and should have used better judgement in dealing with my decision to divorce Melissa.

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