No Refusal Mardi Gras

APD has announced “No Refusal” Mardi Gras here in Austin this Saturday (2/13/10) and Tuesday (2/16/10) from 9 p.m. on each day to 5 a.m. the following morning. That means that the police will seek blood warrants for people who are stopped and investigated for DWI and refuse to submit to a breath test. For more information see this Statesman article.

2/15/10 Update. 21 people were arrested in the first leg of No-Refusal Mardi Gras. Of those, 7 consented to breath tests and 14 were subjected to blood warrant testing. See this Statesman article for more.  Remember, the second leg is coming up this Tuesday evening.

2/19/10 Update.  20 people were arrested during the Fat Tuesday portion of No-Refusal Mardi Gras. That figure includes 4 voluntary breath tests and 16 blood warrants. See this Statesman article for more.

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