Update re. Briscoe v. Virginia (SCOTUS)

Back in November, I posted the following blurb about a case on this month’s argument calendar in the SCOTUS:

Briscoe v. Virginia (07-11191) — Scope of crime lab analysts’ role in a criminal trial; sequel to Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts,on Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause rights. The Melendez-Diaz case,which was decided earlier this year, requires the prosecution, when itpresents a lab report as evidence in a criminal trial, to make theanalyst who prepared it available for cross-examination by defensecounsel. Sadly, the 5-4 decision may already be in jeopardy. More….

Thankfully, the SCOTUS remanded Briscoe (pdf) for further proceedings “not inconsistent with” the Melendez-Diaz opinion (pdf).

1/29/10 Revision. Changed category from “Cases of Note” to “Case Law.”

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