Police Notebook: Leonardo Quintana (APD)

Officer:  Leonardo Quintana
Agency:  Austin Police Department
Alleged Misconduct:  Arrested in Williamson County on January 12, 2009, for Driving While Intoxicated.
Other Information:  Quintana fatally shot Nathanial Sanders II, an 18-year-old boy, at an East Austin apartment complex in 2008. A federal civil rights lawsuit, brought against Quintana by the decendent’s family, is currently pending. Quintana was suspended for 15 days in relation to the incident for not activating his patrol-car camera but was found to have complied with the department’s use-of-force policy.
Disciplinary Action:  Fired.
Sources:  This Daily Texan article, this Statesman article, and this KXAN article.

5/4/10 11:09 a.m. Update. Officer Quintana’s disciplinary hearing was conducted yesterday. No word yet on the outcome. See this Statesman article for more information.

5/28/2010 Update. Acevedo fired Quintana earlier this month. In other news, City of Austin attorneys withheld information from the plaintiffs in the wrongful death suit related to the shooting of Nathanial Sanders.

10/22/10 Update. An arbitrator reinstated Quintana , saying that his firing for a DWI arrest was inconsistent with the punishment of other officers forthe same offense.

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