Judge Lynch

D.A. Confidential has a great interview with Judge Mike Lynch, the presiding judge of the 167th District Court of Travis County. Some highlights:

“I do not like sending people to the penitentiary, especially young people with their whole lives in front of them. It may be necessary and appropriate to [e]nsure community safety, but I still consider it an overall failure.”

“A good prosecutor has a good understanding of human nature and an ability to read and understand people. …He or she must also have empathy and a sense of compassion that allows for fair resolution of cases even when he or she is holding all the cards. Great prosecutors have all the above qualities plus great trial skills.”

“A criminal defense attorney, to be really effective, needs essentially the same traits as [a prosecutor plus he] must be able to adapt quickly, be flexible in his approach to a case or trial, and instinctively know when he needs to bluff or play it straight. These are important because often the defense attorney is fighting an uphill battle with fewer resources, fewer professional witnesses, and with the evidence stacked against him.”

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