Police Notebook: Lt. Wayne Demoss (APD)

Officer:  Lt. Wayne Demoss
Agency:  Austin Police Department
Alleged Misconduct:  Visited a brothel during a December 2007 vacation in Panama.
Disciplinary Action:  Police Chief Art Acevedo denied him a promotion to the rank of commander but that decision was reversed on appeal by independent arbitrator Norman Bennett.
Source:  This Statesman article.
Other Coverage:  Grits for Breakfast opines that this may be an example of how Acevedo’s efforts to make merit-based promotion decisions are hampered by the state civil service code, which apparently received a good deal of successful lobbying attention from  the state’s large police unions in the late 1980’s.
1/17/10 Update:  After Demoss won his appeal, there was no longer a position to put him back in because Acevedo allowed Cmdr. Patrick Ockletree to be promoted to fill the position while the appeal was pending. The city council appears poised to create a new police commander position just for Demoss to avoid demoting Ockletree through no fault on his part. For more, see this Statesman article.

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