Police Notebook: Gerardo Cantu (APD)

Officer:  Gerardo Cantu, APD#6111
Agency:  APD
Alleged Misconduct:  Lied in a sworn affidavit filed in a criminal trespass case in 2009 (aggravated perjury). The lies included significant facts that constituted the elements of the offense.
Disciplinary Action:  The County Attorney’s office dismissed the case but, to my knowledge, took no action against the officer.
Source: This was one of my cases. My blog entry about it includes links to the relevant documentation (PC affidavit, Google map street view, and dismissal). I also have photos of the scene that I didn’t post for reasons of time and bandwidth. Anybody with questions about this case is welcome to contact me directly (kpace@pacefirm.com).

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