APD Cop Charged with Murder

No word yet on whether  prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

Police Notebook: Roddy Adcock (RRPD).

Officer:  Roddy Adcock.
Agency:  Round Rock Police Department.
Alleged Misconduct:  Threatened to kill his wife and destroyed some of her belongings. She obtained a protective order against him and he was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.
Disciplinary Action:  Relieved of his duty with pay while an investigation is pending; may face additional charges.
Source:  This Statesman article..

Police Notebook: Albert Aguinaga (APD)

Officer: Albert Aguinaga.
Agency:  Austin Police Department.
Alleged Misconduct:  Indecent exposure (Class B Misdemeanor).
Disciplinary Action:  Administrative leave without pay.
Other Information:  Officer Aguinaga was indicted for indecent exposure by a Travis County Grand Jury, which declined to indict him for public lewdness and sexual assault based on a July 15, 2010 off-duty incident in which he is alleged to have exposed himself during a lap dance at a South Austin club. The punishment range for a Class B Misdemeanor is a maximum of 180 days in the Travis County Jail and/or a $2,000 fine.

Police Notebook: Officer Danny Johnson (APD).

Officer:  Danny Johnson.
Agency:  Austin Police Department.
Alleged Misconduct:  Giving misleading statements to his superiors and being rude to a resident.
Disciplinary Action:  90-day suspension without pay.
Source:  This Statesman article.
Other Information:  According to a memo regarding the incident, Officer Johnson was dispatched in response to a woman’s report that she had found a discarded hypodermic needle. Officer Johnson stated in a written report to his supervisors that the syringe was old and cracked and did not contain a needle. But the woman filed a complaint about Officer Johnson’s behavior toward her, which triggered a review of his patrol car video. The video revealed that the syringe clearly did contain a needle, that Officer Johnson did not comply with police procedures for disposing of it, and that he was rude and condescending to the woman.

Police Notebook: David Mangan #6804 (APD).

Officer:  David Mangan #6804.
Agency:  Austin Police Department.
Alleged Misconduct:  Misrepresenting facts in arrest warrants and offense reports.
Disciplinary Action:  Termination.
Source:  Brady notice provided to Attorney Paul Walcutt by the Travis County Attorney’s office, which he reported to the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
Other Information:  Officer Mangan was also previously suspended for one day for crashing his cruiser (report available here).