AquaPalooza and Boating While Intoxicated

7/13/10 Update. More AquaPalooza = more arrests…

Reading the arrest results for this weekend’s so-called AquaPalooza , it occurred to me to mention a couple of things that some folks don’t know…

First there IS such a thing as boating while intoxicated. I’ve had people laugh like I’m telling a joke on a couple of occasions that I’ve mentioned it in a casual setting. But no, I’m serious folks. Furthermore, drinking and boating is actually riskier than DWI from a criminal liability perspective because the police do NOT need a reason to stop a boat. That’s right, whenyou’re in a boat, the police can demand you stop, board the boat, and conduct an inspection justbecause they feel like it.

No-Refusal Fourth of July Weekend

APD has announced that this weekend will be no-refusal beginning at 9 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday July 3 and continuing to Sunday July 4
at 5 a.m. During this time, if you are pulled over and investigated for Driving While Intoxicated, if you refuse to take the breath test, the police will get a warrant to have your blood tested.

Take a cab, folks. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than fighting a DWI conviction, even if you ultimately win.