Police Notebook: Former Sgt. Michael Olsen (APD)

Officer:  Former Sgt. Michael Olsen.
Agency:  Austin Police Department.
Alleged Misconduct:  Excessive use of force and demonstration of poor judgment and tactics, leading to the fatal shooting of a man in 2007.
Disciplinary Action:  Fired.
Other Information:  Currently under investigation by APD for improper use of force against a 13-year-old in a private security capacity. Olsen is the Austin branch manager for a private security company that coordinates and assists patrols at about 60 apartment complexes (including the East Austin apartment complex that is the site of the 2007 shooting), strip centers and other sites throughout the city.
Source:  This Statesman article.

10/22/10 Update.  A Travis County grand jury declined to indict Olsen in a criminal case brought against Olsen as a result of the allegations of improper use of force against the 13-year-old boy.

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