Austin Justice

A criminal justice blog by Attorney Kiele Linroth Pace

Truth Is Often Stranger Than Fiction

Welcome to Austin Justice, a criminal justice blog by me, Kiele Linroth Pace, Esq.

I should warn you that we’re currently under construction from a recent move, so don’t be surprised if you see areas or thoughts that are rough or incomplete. That said…

There are many beautiful, ugly, fascinating, and maddening things about my work as a criminal defense attorney. My specialty is assaultive offenses with allegations of family violence. It revolves around the human condition. It’s definitely not boring.

My law practice is incredibly demanding, so when I encounter something especially ugly or frustrating, such as a lying cop, I try to take it in stride, take care of business, and move on to the next important thing. But sometimes things strike me a certain way or stick in my craw such that it’s helpful to articulate some aspect of the situation that bothers me before moving on. That’s the purpose of this blog. It’s like my Pinterest board for certain compelling aspects of my work.


Kiele Linroth Pace
Attorney & Counselor At Law

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